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The Next Big Small Thing

Make your commute something to savor with the all new TNT 135. This motorcycle combines all the styling, features, and technology that one would expect from an Italian exotic, distilled down to just 266 lbs and $2,499 of pure fun. It’s the perfect machine for younger and/or newer riders looking for easy-to-ride (and easy-to-afford) excitement.

The engine has class leading features such as 135 cc of displacement, air/oil-cooling for consistent power and a single overhead camshaft actuating 4 valves which maximizes the amount of power possible, a feature unheard of in this segment. The frame takes the best of Italian design and uses a cast aluminum lower section combined with a steel trellis upper section. This gives the rigidity necessary for precise handling combined with superior comfort and unmatched road feel. The 12" wheels gives the maneuverability needed to zip in and out of traffic or carve up your favorite twisty road. The wheels are shod with wide sticky tires and are gripped with large disk brakes to stop with authority. The ergonomics are sized to fit just about everyone, the gauges are a combination of analogue tach with digital speedometer and the key is a switchblade type key. The lights are the latest in technology with LED low beam projectors, LED high beam reflector and LED tail lights. Finally, the frame is clothed in sexy Italian designed bodywork, just the thing to draw envious glances.

Benelli’s new TNT 135 is a smaller bike with big-bike features. From nose to tail, the super-fun TNT 135 will surprise and satisfy, mile after mile.
  • DISPLACEMENT 134.7 cc
  • RATED OUTPUT 11.3 HP (8.4 kW) @ 8,500 rpm
  • USABLE TANK VOLUME 1.9 Gal (7.2 L)

Top Features


The only SOHC 4-Valve engine in it's class, this jewel of an engine boasts uses it's superior head design to pump out 13 HP from 135cc. Cooling is via air/oil and power is put down through a 5 speed gearbox. Like all TnT engines, it offers plenty of smooth, controllable power. It’s just the thing for trolling through the city, or carving your way down an empty back road.


The TNT family of motorcycles all have a frame made from trellis uppers and cast lowers. This design approach makes smart use of materials to achieve both beauty and performance. The trellis upper frame sections give a tuned amount of flex (acting as part of the suspension system at high lean angles) which gives incredible feel and precision, giving the rider a supreme about of confidence. The cast aluminum lower sections take advantage of the lightness and stiffness of precision cast aluminum to provide a rigid point for the suspension to mount to.


Fun is the name of the game with the TNT 135. It’s the perfect machine for younger and/or newer riders looking for easy-to-ride (and easy-to-afford) excitement. The TNT 135 features advanced suspension, a strong steel frame, 12" alloy wheels with disc brakes, grippy, all-weather tires and racy, naked-bike styling that will have you grinning all day long. The headlights and tail light are LED, with dual LED running lights, dual LED low beam projectors and a single large LED high beam reflector.


In the front, the beefy 41 mm USD forks, finely tuned suspension geometry and tuned flex from its steel trellis upper frame give precise yet stable handling. In the rear, a laterally mounted shock absorber with adjustable pre-load controls a super rigid, braced swingarm. This accommodates a wide variety of rider weights, and gives the superior suspension feel that Benelli has been know for.





68.9 in (1,750 mm)
40.4 in (1,025 mm)
30.7 in (780 mm)
  • WIDTH EXCLUDING MIRRORS 29.7 in (755 mm)
  • GROUND CLEARANCE 6.3 in (160 mm)
  • UNLADEN WEIGHT 255.7 lbs (116 Kg)
  • ROAD READY WEIGHT 266 lbs (121 Kg)
  • PERMITTED TOTAL WEIGHT 330.7 lbs (150 kg)
  • USABLE TANK VOLUME 1.9 Gal (7.2 L)
  • WHEELBASE 47.8 in (1,215 mm)

*All figures based on the latest information at time of publication and subject to change without notice and obligation. Contact your local dealer for specific availability. Obey the law and always wear a dot approved helmet, appropriate eye protection and proper clothing whenever you ride. Read your owner’s manual and inspect your vehicle before riding. Respect the rights of others when you ride, never ride after consuming drugs or alcohol, and never race other vehicles. Vehicle photos and specifications on this website may reflect models sold in other regions of the world than the USA. Benelli, the Benelli Logo, the PURA PASSIONE DAL 1911/PURE PASSION SINCE 1911 Logo, and Benelli model names are registered trademarks of Benelli QJ/Benelli Motorcycles USA. SSR Motorsports is the exclusive distributor of Benelli motorcycles and scooters. © Benelli Motorcycles USA.


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